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Game's Guidance:

Compound menu

  • Open the item box
  • Select two items to compound in the item list
  • Click the craft button if you decide the materials to compound
The round box on the top corner can contain created rare items.
It is important to use because it changes character parameter.


+ =
+ =
+ =
+ =
+ =

Battle menu

  • Draw a card from the deck
  • Select the character in your hand, set on the field(A set a turn)
  • Select the character on the field to attack(each character can attack once a turn)
  • Turn End
You can draw once a turn in the battle.
You can put a card a turn from your hand to the field.
The character on the field can attack once a turn.
(Some enemy's character attack twice)
When the boss character comes in the field, the music also changes.
When you beat down all enemy character on the field and make the direct attack or beat boss down, you win.

About training menu

When you use a particular item, and the love value is higher than a certain level, it moves the training menu.
In the training menu, you can check the love value of a character.
Hint of items
You need items to gain love value before you move to the training menu.
The hint is the color ofsmokein the picture.


  • ・The story does not proceed

    After you made Yui a poison and search near carpet, you may continue
  • ・Where is the fork of endings?

    ・The love value of YUI change the endings.
    ・Whether Ludya and Sonia live at the end scene also affects the endings.
    ・An item that you have at last scene changes the endings as well.


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    I'm sorry.
    Please contact me or message me via Twitter. I will fix it.

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